Dear Friend,

As we are entering our sixth month of social distancing because of the Covid-19 global pandemic, I am aware of so many things that have changed in our daily lives in a very short amount of time. We have postponed events, adjusted our regular shopping and errand-running, and made difficult decisions regarding schools, care facilities, and family visits. All change includes loss and all loss must be grieved. As the end of the changes is nowhere in sight, our collective grieving and decision fatigue is heavy.

AND, we are resurrection people! We deny the power of death that appears in the form of greed and selfishness over the power of generosity. We deny the power of death that is known in the form of violence and aggression over the power of compassion and grace. We deny the power of death that appears in the form of apathy and indifference over the power of Love and kinship among all of humanity.

Because Christ lives and we live in Christ, we know that death, in all of its forms, has no power over our lives! We join our spirits together as the church in order to remind ourselves and to declare to the world, that the power of Life is always stronger than death! Even while safely physically distant from one another, we sing, shout, pray, and proclaim, “He is risen! He is risen indeed!”

Our world needs our collective witness now more than ever! I invite you to gather with me financially as well as spiritually, by becoming a Friend of your Conference. Joining our gifts together, to celebrate and promote the truth of our risen Savior and the power of Life is a powerful witness to the world! I am hopeful you will prayerfully consider giving to your Conference this year, so we may continue our good work and ministry together.


In the greatest of hope,

Rev. Brigit Stevens