Dialing 211 helps direct callers to services for, among others, the elderly, the disabled, those who do not speak English, those with a personal crisis, those with limited reading skills, and those who are new to their communities. By simply dialing 211, those in need of assistance can be referred, and sometimes connected, to appropriate agencies and community organizations.

Pastors in or near South Dakota can sign-up in 5 minutes to receive email alerts of needs in their counties. Iowa and Nebraska pastors can still connect with 211 through 211 affiliated agencies. Once in the database, you will receive an automatic email anytime someone contacts 211 with an assistance request in your area. Then your community decides how, if at all, you could fulfill that request. Even if you are not able to meet the request, you are asked to still make contact with the individual even by making a phone call and praying with them. Helpline Center staff do not promise assistance is available, but informs the individual their information will be sent to a local pastoral group for follow-up.