Matthew 6:34

“So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.

I feel like I have some kind of whiplash.  Emotional, spiritual, mental…something from these last few years, I mean weeks of upheaval.  I have spoken those words more times than I’d like to count in all of my face to (online) face encounters.

In a late night conversation with a dear friend I listened to what they would be reading for their online streaming children’s message. It was the book Here and Now by Julia Denos that helped me to remember to be present instead of chasing all the ‘what-ifs’.  It also helped me to ask myself the question that my soul needed to ponder, ‘what is actually in my control?’ here and now.

This is what I found to be affirming to my being since then:

I have control over where I spend my attention and what I choose to consume.

With more time at home and more time spent in front of the computer to do my work I also have more time to be distracted by all the things that the great big inter-webs has to offer.  I have made a choice to set parameters around when I allow myself to be distracted, to seek out news information and updates on state and city health organizations.  In an attempt to model healthy behavior to our offspring the adults in the house have set aside time where none of us have screen time and instead engage the world in other ways.

I have control over my breath.

Being told what we can and cannot do often elicits a plethora of reactions.  I get to choose to breathe with gratitude.  Deeply and often.  Being confined allows me the opportunity to enjoy the experience of being in my body.  It allows me the chance to be grateful for the ability to quarantine safely, with my family, in a warm home, with a paycheck, while continuing to engage in meaningful work.  That is something that I am aware not many people get to have control over.

I have control over how I show up.

This is true in all settings.  I have control over how I show up for my family, for the community I am a part of (even in quarantine), for the church that I am a member of, for the pastors and authorized minister that I care for, for the churches that I know and love, for the lay leaders that are showing off or maybe just now figuring out their rock star leadership skills.

I would love to hear how you all are finding ways in which to be present with the here and now.


Prayers of healing and wholeness,


Rev. Samantha Houser
Associate Conference Minister