An important letter from Youth Ministry Coordinator Holly Gage!:

Dear Friends of Youth and Outdoor Ministries,

What a year this has been! The Youth and Outdoor Ministries Committee (YOMC) has worked very hard to discern what kind of summer camping opportunity would be safe during this evolving season of Covid. Given the amount of data we had to work with at the time, and the uncertainties, protocols, and procedures outlined by the CDC, the ACA, and after consulting with public health experts who have a first-hand understanding of Kamp Kaleo and the facilities there, Bubble Camp *** was the solution which appeared to be the best option.

YOMC originally planned for four weeks of Bubble Camp, but due to a variety of circumstances, is now offering a single session of YOMC-directed camping at Kaleo this summer, in the Bubble Camp model. If you want to get on board with a Kamp experience which includes curriculum and guidance provided in the YOMC tradition, the deadline is JUNE 15th for the week of camp taking place JULY 13th-16th.

HOW MUCH WILL ALL THIS FUN COST??? The question on everyone’s mind — $1400 per cabin (that includes 3 meals every day!) for 4 days/3 nights at Kamp Kaleo. Most activities are included in the cost. If you break that down by 6 people over 4 days… it’s less than $60/day per person. I did some research. $1400 i s pretty comparable to a similar length stay in a cabin for up to 7 folks at some of our lovely state parks… but with food included. And let’s face it, we all have to eat!


We strongly encourage anyone registering for Bubble Camp to also apply for scholarships this summer! In a year where so many of us have been asked to be flexible, agile, resilient, and adaptable — where we have been asked to shift, pivot, reframe, redirect, and reorder, we understand intimately that this news may be challenging or frustrating, AND we’re inviting you to engage hopefully with us by considering this week of Kamp, and to look forward to a calendar of upcoming youth events including a Fall Retreat (October 15-17 at Kamp Kaleo) and a Spring Retreat (dates TBA as schedules allow) that YOMC is working on. In addition to these upcoming events, some Virtual Kamp supplements will be available to our community to help underscore your personal family plans for the summer, or to help with VBS or other summer offerings through your churches. We’re so excited to experience Kaleo with you, especially during this season of renewal and emergence following the Covid pandemic.

Please email me for a pre-registration form, and/or scholarship form at as well as any questions you may have. We want to fill this camp quickly, and the deadline for registration and $100 deposit is June 15th. There is something to celebrate this summer at Kaleo… will you join us?

Much Peace,
Holly Gage

Youth Ministry Coordinator

*** SO WHAT IS BUBBLE CAMP??? Bubble Camp is a unique experience for small groups from individual families or church communities. What this might mean for you and your family is a chance to check out this little slice of heaven on earth as a group. You come to camp as a bubble (an established group of folks who already spend time together.) This can be a multi-generational, mixed-gender family bubble of up to 7 people, (2-adults 21+ and up to 5 youth) or a church bubble (same-gender) of up to 6 people (2 adults 21+ and up to 4 youth)… You travel, sleep, and do all of your activities and eat all of your meals as a group. (NOTE: If you send more than one cabin from your church, you may mingle within those bubbles.)