A message from Heather Kimmel, General Counsel to the UCC:

You may recall that in March, a Local Church mistakenly used the tax ID number associated with the United Church of Christ federal group tax exemption to file its payroll taxes, triggering the IRS to issue a name and address change in the IRS Exempt Organizations database (as well as a number of non-public-facing changes I won’t bore you with) to reflect the name and address of the Local Church instead of the denomination.  

The implication of that error was that any Local Church attempting to prove its tax-exempt status with a letter from my office stating that it was a member of the group exemption in good standing ran into issues when any third party (Facebook, Google, Guidestar, etc.) tried to verify the denomination’s tax-exempt status using the EO Database, because the name and address didn’t match what was on the letter.

I am pleased to announce that after nine months of efforts by our Financial Services staff and our outside auditors, the name and address associated with the group tax exemption EIN has been corrected.

This is also a reminder that all tax filings must be done with the church’s own EIN.