Dear Local Church Pastors and Conference Ministers,
The General Synod Nominating Committee is seeking nominations for individuals to serve on the United Church of Christ Board of Directors (UCCB) and individuals to serve as General Synod Moderator and Assistant Moderator. Currently, the Nominating Committee finds itself in need of more nominations to carry out its work in ensuring that our UCCB is at full capacity and able to undertake its necessary work on behalf of our denomination.
To that end, the General Synod Nominating Committee is challenging each local church pastor and each conference minister to nominate one person for consideration to serve.
In reviewing the 12 UCCB members who are finishing their terms (Class of 2023), the Nominating Committee has a need for nominees who are:
  • Persons of Color
  • Persons who identify as women, both transgender and cisgender; non-binary persons; or gender non-conforming persons
  • Laypersons and authorized ministers or persons with Ordained Ministerial Partner Standing
  • 30 years of age or younger
  • Have skill sets, but not limited to, banking, social justice, human resources, and ecumenical & interfaith relations
Your personal knowledge of talented members of your community is very important to finding the best pool of candidates for consideration for the UCCB! We hope you’ll accept our challenge and nominate someone you think would be a great asset to the UCCB!
Our nomination window is now open and a complete job description for each position [At-Large Member/General Synod Moderator/General Synod Assistant Moderator] can be found in the nomination link.
Nominations must be received by October 31st, 2022!
As you are considering and planning your nomination, there is some more information that the candidate might like to know, which can be found below.
Candidates will want to know:
  • An At-Large position is a six-year term. A Moderator/Assistant Moderator position is a two-year term. Regular UCCB meetings are held twice a year, in October and March, typically in-person in Cleveland, and may include Thursdays and Fridays as well as Saturdays and Sundays. Special meetings are held remotely as necessary, sometimes during regular business hours. Each UCCB member is appointed to one or more committees, and committees meet remotely between scheduled board meetings as necessary to complete committee work. While every effort is made to accommodate all schedules, some committee meetings may take place during regular business hours.
  • The UCCB also meets during the General Synod, in the host city, for the full duration. That meeting begins on a Thursday and ends with the close of Synod the following Tuesday evening.
  • There will also be conference calls and webinars at other times.
  • Members of the UCCB are not paid. Travel, housing, and meals are provided through the budget of the UCCB and all reasonable out-of-pocket travel expenses, such as ground transportation, airport parking and gratuities, are reimbursed following each meeting.
Rachel MaeRose
Chair, General Synod Nominating Committee