Meet the New Facilitators Coordinator for TCM Communities of Practice! Jeanne Johnson will be serving as our new Facilitators Coordinator for our Communities of Practice (CoP). We are delighted for Jeanne to be adding her wisdom and expertise to our CoPs! CoPs offer an opportunity for authorized ministers to support each other in groups of five or six with similar interests as they learn and grow in their ministry. To help with the structure of these next groups, we would like everyone who’s considering joining or currently in a CoP to answer a very brief survey about what you’re be looking for in a group. Learn More About Jeanne: Baptized Methodist and confirmed Presbyterian, Jeanne started attending the UCC as a Doane College student because there was no Presbyterian church in Crete, NE. By longstanding agreement, there was also no UCC church in York where she grew up. She came to First-Plymouth when she first moved to Lincoln, thinking it was the beginning of her “church shopping.” Their fabulous music means she never left. Jeanne has filled many roles at FP in the last 40+ years including: teaching Sunday school, helping form their peace and justice team in the late 90s, facilitating their becoming a Just Peace church in 2018, pastoral care, co-leading several small groups, and leading prayer during worship. She currently lead a contemplative practices group.
Jeanne started attending annual meetings when they were held at Doane College during their partnership with Ghana when Seth Agidi was auctioning music by a group led by Rev. Jane Ellefson. She later had the opportunity to visit their partners in friendship in the EP church in Ghana. She has led workshops at annual meetings about the United Nations Association, justice issues, and spiritual direction. 
Jeanne has served as the Heartland Association president and her term on their church and ministry committee is just ending. This experience gave her greater appreciation for smaller churches and the variety of things that arise in different congregations. She has a greater sense of each congregation having its own personality.