Our Calendar

Welcome to the Conference calendar! On this page you’ll find events hosted by the Conferences, Associations, local churches, and our partner organizations. You can filter the events by clicking on the “Categories” button in corner of the calendar. Click on each category again to remove it and return to the main calendar.

Have an event to share? Fill out the “Submit an Event” form. When planning your event, please pay close attention to the recommendations from the CDC, the Conference, and your local health officials regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. Until further notice, your Conference staff will not be attending in-person events, but welcome the invitation to join you virtually – attending if it’s hosted online, sending in a video to be included, sending a written message, etc.

Brave Space Open Conversations. Anti-Racist: 1st Mondays. LGBTQ+ Inclusive/ONA: 2nd Mondays

Monthly Brave Space Open Conversations

Join Open Conversations (OC) for Anti-Racist Congregations in the Making (1st Monday of the month) and OC for LGBTQ+ Inclusive and ONA Congregations in the Making (2nd Monday of the month). More info in the calendar!

Clergy leaders in our Conferences can meet for online discussion with our ministerial staff at 12:00pm CT on Tuesdays and for fellowship/coffee hour on Thursdays/ Visit www.ucctcm.org/calendar for the Zoom link.

Ministers’ Moments and Clergy Coffee Hour

Join Ministers’ Moments on Tuesdays at 12:00pm CT and Clergy Coffee Hour on Thursdays at 12:00m CT to connect with your colleagues and Conference staff! More Zoom and event info in the calendar events below.