October 5, 2021 @ 10:00 am – 11:30 am
Samantha Houser

UCC National Disaster Ministries Presents, “Staying Sane in Today’s World of Covid-19: Increasing your Resiliency”.

“This new normal doesn’t feel normal.”

A practical and helpful webinar dealing with ministry, stress, and self-care in todays’ world. Focus points include assessing your current stress impacts, implementing self-care resources in multiple arenas, strengthening resiliency, and caring for those around you. The course length is 90 minutes – 2 hours (depending on group discussions.) It is taught by Chris Farrand & Rev. Fred Meade. Register by October 4th!

Rev. Fred Meade is an ordained minister of 36 years. He has been teaching around the country for New York Disaster Interfaith Services as well as the National Disaster Interfaith Services and the American Red Cross for about the last six years and has also been deployed many times nationally. He has also served as a local fire chaplain and a member of the CISM Team.

Chris Farrand is the Regional Coordinator of Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) for The Salvation Army in MA, CT, and RI. Chris has worked for The Salvation Army for 12 years and oversees both the development and operations of the EDS program including Immediate Response, Long Term Recovery, and Emotional and Spiritual Care. Chris has responded to many regional and national and international disasters.

 “This training was exactly what I needed at the very moment I needed it. Having worked within such difficult circumstances over this past year, and dealing with stressors from all sides, having this space to listen to others’ experiences, process my own struggles and engage with trusted colleagues around such sensitive topics was eye opening to say the least. More significantly, I felt heard, understood, and appreciated. Chris and Fred bring their own personal – and very emotional – testimonies, creating a space that will make you feel comfortable sharing your own and engaging with other participants. They stress the importance and offer ideas and advice for taking care of yourself during this pandemic – something we are all guilty of overlooking when our lives get so crazy. I highly recommend this training – it was 2 hours very well spent.” – Emily Mew, State Coordinator, Emergency Disaster Services, MA Salvation Army

 “I’m ok, I don’t need a course to help me deal with this disaster, I deal with disasters all the time.” That was what I thought until I participated in this well organized, fast paced, course from practitioners who have been there and done that! During the course I felt like the instructors were talking directly to me and how I was reacting to the stress of the work I do in emergency management. After the course I took away three tips that I put into practice immediately. It’s made a difference and it continues to give me hope.” – Arlene Magoon, FEMA Region I, Individual and Community Preparedness Officer