July 11, 2021 – July 18, 2021 all-day
Aidan Spencer

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Since 1957, when the first “uniting” General Synod gathered in 1957 in Cleveland, Ohio, to the meeting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 2019, the General Synod of the United Church of Christ has faithfully convened a meeting every two years in physical locations throughout the United States.

2021 will be different. We are moving through a pandemic that has taken many lives. This pandemic has disrupted our routines and many of our well-established practices as we adapt to the new demands for safety and social distancing. The meeting of the General Synod is no different, and the 2021 gathering of the General Synod will take place entirely online.

We have prayed and discerned this new way forward and look to God for guidance on doing a new thing, while grieving the inability to be together and the changes that surround us during this time of pandemic. While we would prefer to be together, we err on the side of caution, desiring to lower the risks for all and to ensure safety.

A virtual General Synod presents a significant opportunity for this body of Christ to join together in full participation at General Synod. This is an exciting opportunity for those who have always wanted to attend General Synod, or those curious about this gathering of members of the UCC. Thousands of people can join in full virtual participation. We look forward to welcoming you across the miles.

We will gather under the theme: Rooted in Love, July 11-18, 2021. You can expect the vibrancy of Spirit-led worship with prophetic preaching, music- and art-filled experiences that will anchor us. You can expect the same Spirit-filled energy in an engaging meeting of the General Synod that tends to the business and forward-momentum of the United Church of Christ. And, you can expect to learn more and connect with the UCC by attending workshops and other opportunities being prepared for you.

We are ready to journey together into our first-ever virtual General Synod where spirits will be uplifted, and connections to the Divine strengthened. Hearts and minds will be opened to the issues that inform the development of Resolutions, and knowledge and skills will be honed through workshops. Actions will be taken to make the world a better place. We are excited and hope you are too. We are ever thankful to a still-speaking God for our continued ministry with you and ever grateful to you for our shared discipleship to the risen Christ.


Penny Lowes – Moderator
Bob Sandman – Assistant Moderator
Karen Georgia A. Thompson – General Synod Administrator
Rev. Dr. John C. Dorhauer – General Minister & President