October 27, 2021 @ 9:00 am – 3:30 pm
Rev. Kendy Miller
Join pastors from around the Tri-Conference for collaborative worship planning days. Each retreat day will offer time for reading the texts aloud, silent reflection, group sharing of insights and Holy Spirit guidance followed by time to process, plan, and write for that week. We are gathering to make intentional space for planning worship 4-6 weeks ahead, work collaboratively, and share thoughts and ideas about the RCL texts for each Sunday. If you join us monthly, you will have Advent thought through and planned by the end of October!
Each retreat will be held on Zoom on the last Wednesday of the month. The retreat days will begin at 9:00am CT and finish by 3:30pm CT. Questions about the event? Contact ACM Rev. Kendy Miller at kendy@ucctcm.org.

Register now: https://triconf.secure.force.com/default/CnP_PaaS_EVT__ExternalRegistrationPage?event_id=a2C1U000002E6DeUAK&