I am an artist. It has been a hard thing to claim because it isn’t my profession, but it is one of my callings in this life. To create.

In fact, I believe that we are all artists in some capacity. Creating with various mediums the feelings that we have, the change we want to see around us, the beliefs that we cling to, the doubts and fears that we tuck away until no one is around, the curiosities that we whisper into our safe spaces.

In the origin story of our Sacred text, we are given the narrative that the Original Artist chose to work with many different mediums in order to create as well. It was in the beginning, in the separating of dark from light that God invented negative relief. It was in the extracting of the waters from the dry earth that God created the ability for the earth itself to shift and move and dance. It was in the up bringing of trees and foliage and all things from the ground that bursts of color beyond light were played with in a cascade of prismatic beauty.

It was in the creation of the birds of the sky and the whales and sea monsters of the deep that music was brought to life. It was in creating humans that words were formed and prose and poems came into being. All of this as a way to continue, to expand the creativity that is ingrained in all of us, in all of creation.

In this season of ministry together, I hope that we can take time to unpack these truths. To allow them to give each of us the ability to create and to express ourselves in exciting ways as we worship and discern what it is that God has in store for us in the Tri-Conference Ministries.