New to the Conferences?

Welcome to the Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota Conferences of the United Church of Christ (UCC). We are a collection of about 300 churches working in covenant together. Though each conference has maintained its own distinct identity we all work together in Ministry with a shared and collaborative staff. We hope that as you navigate our website that you will find the pertinent and necessary information and easy and accessible.  Here are some helpful links as you begin your journey in the Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota Conferences.

Meet our staff

The Conferences have ministerial staff based in all three states and office staff in Iowa and South Dakota

what we do

The Conferences have a unique way of operating together while still maintaining separate identities

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2030 Clergy Group

Our conference makes a special effort to support and encourage clergy under the age of 40, come and join us on Facebook!

Requirements for Ministers

Information Review

Information Reviews are requested each year for those with UCC ministerial standing as part of requirement for good standing. If serving UCC churches in Iowa, Nebraska or South Dakota, but have other denomination connections or in the process of becoming a UCC minister, we still appreciate the time to complete this form. At the end, the submit button forwards this information review to the conference office, the correct COM chair, and to the preferred email address used on this form.

Collection of the 2022 forms has finished and the 2023 form is not yet available.

Resources and Standing Requirements for Authorized Ministers

The Conferences offer a host of resources for United Church of Christ (UCC) ministers on our Resources for Ministers page including standing requirements and how to keep them up, worship resources of all kinds, and information for new ministers.

Support from the National UCC

national ucc

ucc items & resources

Insurance and Pension Information

The Insurance Board is a national denominational program that serves the UCC, the Disciples of Christ and PresbyterianUSA churches. Every UCC is a member of the Insurance Board. The Pension Boards provide health, dental, annuity and retirement benefits for UCC clergy and their families.

For further questions on either organization, call 800.642.6543