Boards of Directors

The Boards of Directors (BOD) of the Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota Conferences of the United Church of Christ (UCC) are independent governing bodies that function on behalf of the members of its conference between annual meetings. These entities are responsible for developing budgets and managing the financial affairs of the Conference, establishing mission, and developing operational policies. The members of each BOD are elected by the annual meeting of the Conference.

Per the Tri-Conference Covenant Agreement, the Tri-Conference (TCM) Board creates employment policy, determines the annual staffing budget and provides supervision for the Executive Conference Minister. The TCM Board is made up of three members representing each Conference. Two members are current members of that conferences’ board of directors and one member is at-large. 

Iowa Conference BOD

Lee Albertson
Shonda Deranleau
Eileen Gebbie
Jon Haack
Brice Hughes
Terry Kaduce
Kaity Kemp
Dixie Laube
Brian Leckrone
Jessica Margrave Schirm – Moderator
Chad Savage*
Matt Schneider-Adams
Melanie Van Weelden
Jared Walter
Kate West* – Chair
Martha Wolf
Al Yungclas

*Denotes a member of the TCM Board.

Nebraska Conference BOD

Penny Greer
Lisa Hadler
Jayne Jensen
Scott Jones* – Chair
Pat Lamberty
Dan Loven-Crum
Joan Michelsen
Steve Mitchell
Jessica Palys
Sue Shear*
Candace Weaver

*Denotes a member of the TCM Board.

South Dakota Conference BOD

Ben Anderson
Dustin Bartlett*
Louie Blue Coat
Rosanne Dyce Anderson
Mary Edelen*
Mary Kay Fausch
Chuck Frieberg
Tim Fugman*
Lorah Houser Jankord – Moderator
Lisa Lynott-Carroll
Jean Morrow
Jim Oleson
Barb Paulson
John Pranger
Al Schaefer
Martell Spagnolo
Sharla Steever
Linda Sue Weidenbach
Michael Wiederrich
Melinda Williams

*Denotes a member of the TCM Board.

Tri-Conference Ministries Board

Chad Savage
Kate West
Jim Judkins – at large

Barry Hemmerling – at large
Scott Jones
Sue Shear

South Dakota
Dustin Bartlett
Mary Edelen

Contact the Boards of Directors

Contact Kate West, Chair for the Iowa Board of Directors

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Contact Dustin Bartlett, Chair for the South Dakota Board of Directors

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