Dear Friends,

I wanted to take a moment to give up an update on staffing.

Continuing or New Staff Hires:

(A) The Tri-Conference Ministries Board voted to call Rev. Kendy Miller as our Designated full-time Associate Conference Minister. The Board also voted to call Rev. Jonna Jensen as our part-time Associate Conference Minister. These are both 18 month designated positions as we continue our discernment and planning around the Tri-Conference Ministries. I want to congratulate them both!

(B) I hired Jane Estrada to serve as our Administrative Assistant for Ministry Support. Jane has been working for our Conferences and now enters this new position. Congratulations Jane!


As the Communications Specialist position is being significantly downsized in our new staffing structure, Aidan Spencer will be leaving the Tri-Conference Ministries at the end of March to follow other career paths. Aidan has served as our Communications Specialist for three and a half years and has been an amazing part of our ministry team. We want to thank her for her work and send her into the next part of her journey with our blessings! In discussions with Aidan we have decided that sending cards and emails of thanks and blessings would be most appreciated. So please do that! You can send an email to Aidan or a card to this address:

2016 W Greenleaf Ave.

Apt. 2A

Chicago, IL 60645

Searches for Open Positions:

(A) This means we have one part-time Associate Conference Minister position available. This is a ¼ time position and we are looking for candidates from the Nebraska and South Dakota Conferences. Here is a link to that job description and if you are interested in applying for the position or have questions please email me at

(B) Communications Assistant – This is a 5 hour per week position that will focus on website updates, weekly news update emails, and Facebook updates. If you are interested in this position please email me at

I would ask for your patience as we make these important staffing transitions. Our guiding principles remain those given to us by the Conferences at our Annual Meetings of a sustainable budget, and local-church and authorized minister focused ministry from TCM staff.

Blessings on you all as we continue our way to the cross and the empty tomb.


Rev. R. Philip Hart

Interim Conference Minister
Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota Conferences
United Church of Christ