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Communities of Practice Registration

March 9 - March 31

It takes a village to sustain the hard, holy work of ministry. One neighborhood of the village is a Community of Practice.
A Community of Practice is a structured, facilitated, small group for actively serving ministerial colleagues to meet together regularly for mutual support, accountability, and learning. Comprised of 4-5 members plus a trained facilitator, each Community meets 10 months each year via Zoom choosing their own dates and times for monthly meetings. Certain groups may be gathering around a specific interest or need.
Communities of Practice commit and covenant to their group for one year. Meeting via Zoom eliminates travel time and creates the possibility for geographically distant pastors, even serving in different conferences, to meet effectively. We will have the opportunity to gather in person as well this year from October 15th-17th at the Creighton University Retreat Center near Griswold, Iowa.
There will be a $300 annual registration fee for Community of Practice participants. For pastors serving local congregations, it is strongly recommended that the congregation pay this registration fee. The October retreat will cost approximately $250, not including mileage reimbursement. Registration for the retreat will happen at another time.
Registration for Communities of Practice will stay open until March 31st, 2023.
Questions about being in a Community of Practice? Contact Communities of Practice Coordinator, Jeanne Johnson at fpc.jeanne@gmail.com.


Jeanne Johnson