We are looking for the next epic team member to join Executive Conference Minister, the Rev. Brigit Stevens, and current/continuing Associate Conference Ministers, the Rev. Darrell Goodwin, the Rev. Ellis Arnold, and the Rev. Samantha Houser to serve in and on behalf of the United Church of Christ in the Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota UCC Conferences. It is an exciting season of formation for the team as we live more fully into what it is to be doing a new thing. What we know is that the conferences have not merged. Our one staff serves all three conferences collectively. We know that being the Church today requires flexibility and creativity. We know that our past is rich with experiences of faith that surprised us at the time and became ordinary over generations. We know that sacred rituals and faithful practices often remind us of what we’ve done before but also take on new forms and grow in depth and meaning as new generations hold and mold them for themselves. We are called to this particular time and place in the United Church of Christ to experiment, to stretch, to honor, and even to fail, as we faithfully and boldly follow Jesus Christ together.  

We are in search of an Associate Conference Minister who is flexible and nimble in this pandemic time and who brings skills, gifts, experiences, and passions that will facilitate deep conversations and practical momentum into what is next for the church. You can send your letter of intent, writing prompt answers as well as your updated UCC profile to Blaine Wilson at blaine@ucctcm.org.

Writing Prompts:

Please respond briefly, no more than 2-3 paragraphs for each, to the below prompts.

  1. Describe your understanding of the evolving role of a UCC conference and the staff of such a conference.
  2. Please reflect on some of the ways your life evidences the personal qualities listed in the position description.
  3. Describe the ways your work style reflects the values of the Tri-Conference UCC Ministries staff as listed in the position description.
  4. Describe the most significant personal and/or professional experience that prepares you for the responsibilities of this position.