The Tri-Conference Board of Directors (TCM BOD) is charged with 2 tasks:

1. Provide structure and resources to staff and administrate the Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota UCC Conferences

2. Communicate items of interest between participating conferences that may have impact on the shared ministry and/or staffing cooperation.

At the January 26, 2021 TCM BOD meeting, the following topics were discussed and reviewed:

  • Financial reports through November 2020 finished and reviewed; closing the books for 2020 is in progress; and ECM Stevens will assess whether the TCM qualifies for a second-round PPP loan from the federal government.
  • ACM Search Committee continues to meet, has interviews scheduled for Jan 28-29, and discernment conversations scheduled for early February.
  • Staff offered reports of the projects/tasks they are each leading; the projects represent “What,” the staff works on, in order to contribute to our shared, “Why,” statement: to live into God’s extravagant welcome and advocate for justice. So that all know love, safety, belonging, and dignity.
  • 2021 Employee Holiday schedule was adjusted to add Juneteenth/Freedom Day-June 19th, recognized on 6/18/21, Columbus Day was renamed to Indigenous People’s Day, recognized 10/11/21, and the day after Thanksgiving was renamed Native American Heritage Day, recognized 11/26/21.
  • Covid-19 staff safety was discussed. Safety protocols remain in place in the Des Moines and Sioux Falls offices, limiting the number of people present, promoting hand washing, masks worn in shared spaces, and dividers present between workspaces. Work travel for all staff remains prohibited without explicit permission from ECM Brigit Stevens through at least August 31, 2021. The TCM BOD will review CDC and WHO recommendations regarding vaccination rates and transmission statistics before making further decisions.