Praesidium Background Checks

Background checks are used as a part of creating safe, hospitable, and just environments in our congregations and ministry settings. The Conferences provide background checks through Praesidium that can be used by congregations running background checks for their staff and volunteers and pastors wanting to be on the pulpit supply list. If you are a non-UCC pastor interested in search and call in the UCC visit our Abuse Prevention Policies page for information on and directions for the Oxford Background Check.


1. Send in the Form:

2. Make the Payment:

  • Make an online payment using the form on this page or mail in a check to the Des Moines office (address listed above). The check should be made out to your conference (either the Iowa, Nebraska, or South Dakota Conference of the United Church of Christ). Each background check costs $11.00. Please note the $11.00 Charge covers one applicant and one address.  If the applicant has had multiple residences in the last seven years, there will be an additional $11.00 charge for each county the applicant has resided in. 

If your church is filing for several background checks at once, each person must complete and sign their own form.

For further questions, email

Pay for Background Checks