Resources for Congregations

The Conferences have gathered together a variety of resources to support congregations and their ministry. We also curate health, ministerial, and financial resources related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Covid-19 has upended everything in our communities for much longer than any of us anticipated. Church is usually the place we turn to when life feels overwhelming and difficult. We seek comfort and stability there. But even how we do church has been affected by this global health pandemic and, increasingly, we’re hearing a theme in our conversations: pastors and churches are exhausted and need support

Your Conference staff has a gift for your church and your pastor.

Please give your pastor an extra week of paid time off this fall, including a Sunday, and use the Lay Led Worship Service for a Compassion Driven Congregation to gather and worship together while they are gone. All the components are included to make it easy for lay leaders to host a wonderful worship time together while the pastor has an extra Sunday sabbath for the year to rest and renew their body, mind, and spirit.

Leadership Development

Are you an adult who wants to go deeper in learning about their faith? The Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota Conferences can suggest learning opportunities. Look under the “Continuing Education” category on our calendar to see more opportunities.

UCC seminaries offer classes for audit or certificate programs:

You may also explore these opportunities:

Legal Questions and Answers

New to the Conferences? Not sure about how the law impacts your ministry? Here are a few tips we have compiled to help out. Click on your conference to read more.

  • Iowa Conference
  • Nebraska Conference (not available at this time)
  • South Dakota Conference (not available at this time)
Pastor Compensation

Salary and benefit guidelines for clergy in the Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota Conferences of the UCC are reviewed and approved annually. These are guidelines approved by the 2021 annual meetings for the year 2022.


Abuse Prevention Policies

Background checks and resources for creating a safe space for all congregants

Behavioral Covenants

A document to help foster healthy behaviors and relationships in congregations

Pulpit Supply List

A list of people interested in serving as guest preachers for UCC churches 


Strengthen your ministry’s mission and show your community what you value

UCC Partners

Information on the insurance board, pension board, and other UCC partners


 Grow and improve your ministry by learning more about your community demographics

Worship Resources

Resources for you to bring into your worship services (music, litrugy, etc)