Remittance Forms - Churches/Individuals

Remittance Forms for Churches:

Remittance Form for Individuals (Any Conference):

Church Yearbook Reporting

Submitting your church’s yearbook information keeps data up-to-date on the UCC’s Find a Church feature, Access UCC, and the annual Yearbook Directory. This information also helps the denomination track trends so they can better serve our local churches. Yearbook data is electronically recorded every year between January and March. The 2022 deadline was March 2nd, 2022 at 10:59pm CT. If you neglect to update your yearbook data, the program will continue to list the last recorded year’s data which results in inaccurate tracking and can make it harder for new congregants to find you. Need your church’s ID number? Check on your church statement. Further questions? Check out the resources below.

Steps to ease the reporting process:

Do you have specific Conference-related questions? Call one of our offices and leave a message identifying that you have a question about Yearbook Reporting and be sure to include your Church/Association/State and contact phone number.

Des Moines Office: 515.277.6369

Sioux Falls Office: 605.338.8738

Background Checks

Background checks are used as a part of creating safe, hospitable, and just environments in our congregations and ministry settings.

The Conferences use two different background checks depending on your role in ministry: Praesidium and Oxford. A Praesidium background check is used by congregations running background checks for their volunteers, pastors wanting to be on the pulpit supply list, and people discerning a call to authorized UCC ministry. An Oxford background check is used for those in the ordination process, those ordained UCC needing to renew the Oxford report, and non-UCC pastors interested in search and call in the Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota Conferences of the UCC.

Visit our Abuse Prevention Policies page to learn about and submit background check forms.

Submit an Event

Fill out the Submit an Event Form share an event or program for the wider Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota Conferences of the United Church of Christ.

Information Review

We are at our best in the United Church of Christ when we are connected to one another. With this commitment to relationship in mind, your Committee on Ministry and the staff who support their work send out an annual Information Review. The 2022 Information Review was due on Friday, February 11th.

Who needs to fill out the Information Review? 

  • All ministers actively serving a church, hospital, or specialized setting.
  • All ministers who are active, retired from ministry, or have exempt standing.

If you are an authorized minister, this form is for you. Indeed, it is so important that your association has made completion of this form a requirement for you to maintain denominational standing with the UCC as a way to affirm mutual connection between the minister and the denomination.

2022 is the first year of using personalized links. This means that your information is pre-filled and you can get through your updates faster! If your are required to fill out the Information Review you should have received an email with your personalized link. Thanks to the updated form, the process only takes 10 minutes! Not sure where your personalized link is? You can fill out a blank Information Review form.

Why do we have an Information Review?:

  • It builds the opportunity for the Committee on Ministry and Conference Staff to know how to best connect with you and your church’s leaders.  
  • It creates an easy way for you to identify what support you may want from the Wider Church for working within your congregation and ministry setting.  
  • It confirms all records are correct, ensuring minister and congregation requests are responded to appropriately and in a timely manner.
  • In short: the Information Review is a way that helps us be better in covenant and connection with one another.

Questions about the Information Review? Check out our FAQs list or contact our staff at

Exempt Standing Application

Who is Exempt Standing for?

Exempt Standing is a ministerial standing for Ordained Ministers who continue to affirm their ordination and commitment to the United Church of Christ, but who choose to (or are unable to) engage in public ministry.

What is this application and how does it work?

This application outlines the roles and responsibilities of Exempt Standing as part of the mutual discernment between an Ordained Minister and Committee on Ministry (ex. COM, C&M) before Exempt Standing is granted. After receiving this application, the Committee will review it, have conversation with the minister, and determine whether to grant Exempt Standing. An Exempt Standing Covenant must be signed by the Minister and Committee before the process is complete.

There are two ways to fill out the Exempt Standing Application Form. The first way is to do it online and the second way is to download the PDF document, fill it out, and return it via post to the Des Moines Office or via email to The online version of the form is quickest and easiest for most people, but the PDF document version of the form is useful if you need to print and mail it.

Iowa Funding Future Leadership Scholarship

The Iowa Conference is delighted to offer these Funding Future Leadership Scholarships through the generous giving of many of our churches during a special offering which is taken early in the year. The 2022 offering will be taken on January 16th, but churches can take this special offering at a time that works best for them.

To apply for funds, you must be:

  • A Members in Discernment (MiD) in the Iowa Conference United Church of Christ
  • Enrolled at least half time in seminary

If you meet these requirements, please complete and send the following materials by email to or by mail to the address listed in the application form:

  • Application Form
  • Letter of reference from one a discernment advisor, seminary faculty member, Academic Dean of the seminary, or other UCC minister with standing (Full name, email, and phone number must be included with letter)

  • Provide 250 word response to the following: Why are you pursuing seminary education? What are your long term goals?

  • Have pastor of sponsoring church provide a letter attesting to your standing

Incomplete applications will not be considered for a scholarship award.

• Any special circumstances the Scholarship Committee should take into consideration

DEADLINE: Spring 2023 (date to be announced later)

Questions? Email Rev. Heidi Hulme.

South Dakota Educational Scholarships

The South Dakota Conference UCC values education, young people, and those who answer a call to ministry at any age. To support all those who God calls to serve in many professions for the work of ministry, we offer scholarships each year to high school seniors, undergraduates, graduate students, and seminarians active in their South Dakota UCC congregations.

Scholarships may also be available to applicants pursuing programs not offered in South Dakota institutions. Some special funds are earmarked for those who are entering into ministry as a second career and have the challenges of family, jobs, and extra travel.

Applications must be submitted before March 15th, 2022. The amount given varies from year to year.

All applications require the following:

  • Application with essay
  • Professor/teacher reference
  • Pastor’s reference
  • Transcript

To apply:

1. Download either the three undergraduate or the three graduate/seminarian application materials:

 – Undergraduate: application form, teacher reference, and pastor reference.

 – Graduate/Seminarian: application form, professor reference, and pastor reference.

2. Complete and email your application with essay to 

3. Send the reference letter form to the people who will complete them for you and have them email the completed reference letter to by March 15th.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the SD Conference office at 605-338-8738 or send an email to

Iowa Campership Scholarship

The Iowa Conference of the United Church of Christ recognizes the importance of experiencing God in many ways and in many places. One of these opportunities is through attending Church Camp. The Iowa Conference also recognizes that there are many barriers that may limit an individual’s ability to attend Church Camp: distance, schedules, finances, etc.

The Iowa Conference, in an effort to encourage as many individuals to attend Church Camp, has created the following Campership Policy.

  • The Iowa Conference will award a campership of $50 to the first 100 individuals who apply.
  • Each person will need to completely fill out the campership request form and have it signed by their pastor or board moderator/president.
  • The Church Camp attended must be a part of our Formula of Agreement partners’ denominations (United Church of Christ, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Presbyterian Church (PCUSA), the Reformed Church in America (RCA) or Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)).
  • The Church Camp attended should be within the Iowa Conference boundaries.

Campership Request Forms should be returned via email to ACM Rev. Kendy Miller or via post to:

The Iowa Conference of the United Church of Christ
5609 Douglas Ave.
Des Moines, IA 50310

Notification of receiving a campership will be sent to the recipient and the campership will be sent to camp/church/individual.

Thank Offering Grant Request Form

From time to time, the Iowa Conference receives funds from local churches designated for inclusion in the Iowa Thank Offering Fund. This is a temporarily restricted fund and grants may be made from the Fund only to Iowa entities. Grants are awarded annually. The purpose of this policy is to establish procedures for use awarding grants from this Fund.

View the Form